(Neon) Blue skies

Shot this portrait today of two Wesleyan linemen.  They were easy to work with and I needed to show them both being kind of big since they actually are kind of gigantic.

To get the sky that neon blue I used a CTO filter on my strobe and set my white balance to Tungsten, so to sum up: Photoshop was not used to get the sky that color.  I first read about it on Strobist but Pouya says they’ve been doing it for a long time and that it was really big in the 70’s.  Anyways, it was my first attempt at it and I like how it came out.


One response to “(Neon) Blue skies”

  1. Lindy Avatar

    Yeah Joe McNally was doing that foreverago. I believe that’s where I first saw it. I’ve played around with it but can’t remember ever actually using it on assignment. Lovely color though.