Mill Creek vs Norcross (WBB)

More lit high school women’s basketball action for you all.  This time between Norcross High School and Mill Creek High School.


2 responses to “Mill Creek vs Norcross (WBB)”

  1. Dennis Murray Avatar

    Is your light court center behind the basket? I assume on a mezzanine of some type? Battery powered strobe or a powered monolight?
    Do you typically get permission in advance to remote light or just do it?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    Off to the side near the 3 point line on the balcony that runs around the court. I use a strobe attached to a spring clamp via umbrella clamp because it only takes 20-30 seconds to set up.

    I don’t ask for permission because the lights hit so quick that typically no player paying attention to the game would notice they were firing.