2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Last night, besides being New Years Eve, was the Chick-Fil-A Bowl (formerly The Peach Bowl) at the Georgia Dome.  The LSU Tigers took on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

I think the expectation going into the game was that Tech’s triple-option offense would tear apart the LSU defense which had been nothing short of terrible for a good part of the season.  However, it didn’t exactly play out that way.

LSU scored on its first drive, Tech struck back with a field-goal, then the second quarter happened.  LSU outscored Tech 28-0 and the game was pretty much over.

The Dome has pretty bad lighting so its always a challenge to get the proper exposure that can stop action, but what made it even worse last night were these barriers used for advertising that were placed in front of the photo lines.  We were forced an extra yard back on the sidelines as a result, which were pretty crowded.

Fortunately, during the second quarter I was able to stick around this one corner of the field where there weren’t barriers due to LSU’s utter dominance during the quarter.  Overall, I think I shot pretty well though.


4 responses to “2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl”

  1. Dennis Murray Avatar

    I noticed the advertisements on TV. Seems to be the fashion this year for bowl games. With the height, did it take away shooting from a kneeling position?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    it made it more difficult, i tried staying in the corner where they weren’t so it wouldn’t affect me but a lot of the other photographers just tried shooting over them.

  3. Stuart Levin Avatar
    Stuart Levin

    I was able to spot you in the LSU end zone with my high powered binoculars from my vantage point on the 30 yard line behind the LSU bench. Sadly, you were the highlight of the game for me as a loyal Ga Tech fan.

  4. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    I don’t know Mr. Levin, I left that game feeling pretty satisfied.