Sing loud, sing proud

Earlier in the week I shot a choir at Shiloh High School that will be traveling to DC to be part of the inauguration.  When I got to the class they were already singing so I assumed that that would be the group going.  Turns out it wasn’t, the actually choir that was going practiced right after but it shared some of the same people.

Even though some of the people were the same, I couldn’t submit any of the photos from the first part I shot, because that would be unethical.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot as a whole, some during the actual practice and others during the class beforehand.


2 responses to “Sing loud, sing proud”

  1. nat a tat tat Avatar
    nat a tat tat

    ooooh 1 and 3!!!

  2. Cecil Avatar

    Very nice photos Josh. And thanks to and your paper from shining/sharing the light on some other students besides those from Ron Clark Academy and suburban Atlanta high schools. No questions they are talented and deserving, but so it this group from Shiloh, particularly since they were a hopeless, seemingly hapless group less than a year ago. But their new leader got them to belive that Yes They Would . . and Yes They DID!