Tree(t) me right

A local volunteer group collected Christmas trees over the past few weeks and today they ran them all through wood chippers to create mulch at Rhodes Jordan Park.


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  1. Anne McPeters Avatar
    Anne McPeters

    The first picture is one you took of me earlier this year, and my friend told me it had made it to the Daily Post. Since I don’t get the paper, I looked it up online, and I found this site. I’ve been looking through some of your work, and a lot of it really is excellent. I was looking at the pictures from the Tech-Jacksonville game this morning, which I missed [I was studying, Tech keeps me too busy]. The scenes you captured were epic. Hope you’re photographing the Clemson game on the 10th.

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar


      Thank you for the compliments. I will be there on Thursday. I’m shooting all the Tech games for The Macon Telegraph this year.