Rocky Horror Picture(d) Show

Last night I went to Rocky Horror in Norcross for the first time since my Sophomore year of college.  They were doing an “old cast” night so my friend and former roommate Jessi was going to playing Frank-N-Furter so I decided to go.  Turned out another friend, Halley, was also playing as Columbia.

I used to go to Rocky Horror fairly frequently in High School, not every week per-se, but enough that I knew most of the lines.  Then at some point I decided the movie kinda sucked and I got really bored of it and stopped going.  The last two times I’ve gone now is because Jessi roped me in to going.  At least this time I had a camera.

All these were shot with my 50 f/1.4 or 85 f/1.8 in raw at or around 3200 iso.  Looks pretty good all things considered.  Also, focusing a narrow-depth-of-field-lens in the dark is ridiculously difficult.


3 responses to “Rocky Horror Picture(d) Show”

  1. jessi Avatar

    these are AWESOME!
    who knew rocky could look so good ;)

  2. Laura Ross Avatar

    These look really great! It is remarkably difficult to photograph Rocky Horror casts and make them look like anything, and I’m especially impressed that you got the movie to show in the photos while still getting the performer. You are a fantastic photographer and should do this for a living — ha ha!

  3.  Avatar

    I look kind of deranged in that last one. Sweet.