Domestic Disturbance

Towards the end of my shift today we got an e-mail from the Public Information Officer of the Gwinnett Fire Department that the FD had been dispatched to a house in Norcross.  The e-mail mentioned that there was a victim with life threatening burns, so he had me go down to the scene to see if I could get anything.

After shooting a few frames and seeing no visible damage to the home, I talked to the PIO who was on the scene from the Norcross PD.  Apparently this lady set her mother on fire in the front yard of the mothers home.  Neighbors either saw it happen or saw the woman on fire and called the cops/fire department.

The younger lady, apparently the victim’s daughter, was taken into custody and has since been arrested.  Like I said, not much to shoot since there was no damage to the home, but I tried to make something since it looked like the story would make the front page.



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