Domestic Disturbance Revisited

Last night I posted photos from a domestic disturbance call that resulted in a woman setting her mother on fire in front of her home, if you didn’t see the post click here.

During my shift today I got a call from my boss saying the lady passed away early this morning while in the hospital at Grady and that a reporter was heading to the home to see if he could talk to family members.

I hurried down there and after listening to the brother, he actually owned the home and his family had been living with him, discuss his sister’s mental health or I guess lack there of the father came out to the front of the home and started talking to the media that was there.

Understandably, he started breaking down after a few moments.

To fill in some details to those interested, the daughter had been in-and-out of mental health facilities being released as recently as late January. She had apparently been suffering from paranoia as well accusing her mother of poisoning her food and drink for quite a while before this happened. Scarier was that apparently this was the first time she’d attacked her mother.


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  1. Tyler Avatar

    That first pic is really powerful man. nice photo.

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