All Night Meeting – Impeachment

Here are the second set of photos from last night’s All Night Meeting for the Demosthenian Literary Society at UGA. It was the 206 anniversary.

These are shots of speakers, members, alumni and guests from various points during the night.


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  1. Robert Low Avatar
    Robert Low

    Ahhhh – as one who survived the impeachment process, I wish that other duties Sunday morning had not precluded me from staying to watch this “trial”. I’m proud to say that back on 1968, my “defense counsel” used every legal parry in the book to deflect outrageous and peruile charges against me and that in my own defense (and assuring a NOT GUILTY verdict), immediately prior to the vote FOR or AGAINST my impeachment, I managed to blurt out that I would buy breakfast for all who voted AGAINST. Money well spent . . .