Domestic Disturbance – Magistrate Court

Earlier this month I posted some photos about a woman who lit her mother on fire which ended up killing her (see here and here).  Today she appeared in court for the first time and I was there to get photos.

It was strange watching her throughout the hearing.  When I met her brother the day after it happened he had said that she was schizophrenic, but it wasn’t until today while watching her that I truly understood.

Just watch her eyes.


4 responses to “Domestic Disturbance – Magistrate Court”

  1. Lindy Avatar

    I don’t see how you get schizophrenic from the eyes.

  2. Angela Avatar

    I just can’t believe this. I have known Na since she was 12 years old. At 12 she was hitting her mother, but I thought it was just to get her way. As the years passed I saw a lot of signs that something was wrong. She was such a fun loving person to be around, but at the same time, she was extremely jealous of her boyfriends and ex-husband. She had a few roommates that she would constantly accuse of stealing her stuff. (she was very materialistic). She would have parties in her townhome in Columbus and told me a random guy stole a poster of her that hung on her wall and she had to go get it back. She always made up stories that I would think would be true, and find out that none of it was. Other friends noticed the same thing. None of us could get through to her. But if nothing else, I know she loved her son deeply. I have not seen him since he was around 4, after having surgery on his ears. I have seen her twice since then in stores and as soon as she saw me she would walk really fast away from me. I thought she was mad about something and let it go. I heard from a friend she would call people up and curse them telling them she knew they have “bugged” her townhouse in Columbus, Ga. I knew then something was seriously wrong. We used to talk about finding a good church to get involved in, I feel she knew something was wrong and craved the power of God to rid her of her demons. It is really sad on both sides. The hospital never should have let her go…her mom held no blame to her daughters illness as she was dying, so why should anyone else? As far as the “eyes” go….her emotions were from one extreme to another, she did not want to believe her mom was dead…but here she was on trial for her death. I agree with her dad, she should be put in a hospital and not in prison. She is sick and has no idea what she has done. I would like to have updates on where she is so I can send her a letter and maybe even visit. May God bless you all and I pray your sons or daughters never end up with this horrible diagnoses.

  3. wow Avatar

    Na Young went to my church about a year ago and she was really nice to everyone. she seemed really angry, but seemed to be working things out with people. i just can’t imagine this happening to her.

  4. angel Avatar

    We were like best friends up until October of 2005 — that’s when I left columbus – I had hit bottom – it was meth – at the time I left I was watching Na fall – just like I had. For the past four years I wondered about her…hoped she had made it out alive — wanted so badly to contact her but had no number and and had cut ties with anyone who would have had it. I just moved back to Columbus…I’ve been clean almost four years. I got this news only yesterday. I will be visiting her Saturday – God bless you Na — he still loves her, this breaks my heart into. So much more than sad, I pray that she knows that she is loved.