The South shall rise again

Last night South Gwinnett played my first high school, Centennial, during the second round of the state tournament.  Apparently Centennial was heavily favored, but South hung in and won after 2 overtimes.

Normally overtime, or close games in general make me nervous because I have to make a decision about which story I am going to tell: one team winning or the other team losing?  Based on that I have to set up my lights to a particular side and get situated before the final buzzer and then hope I’m in the right position to get the correct shot.

I don’t mind close games that much when I’m only shooting one of the teams.  I shoot whatever happens to them.  At the end of regulation I got the feeling the fans were going to rush the court if they won, so I was pretty lucky to be able to get off a handful of frames of the guy who made the basket before my view was obscured by fans and I had to run in with my wide to get general madness shots.