Sipping the Kool-Aide

I suppose one of the advantages of leaving  photojournalism is that the realm of post-processing creativeness opens up.  After wondering around the internet for a bit I came across some threads about this thing called the “Dave Hill Effect.”  Dave Hill is a portrait photographer who has a very specific style, no one is quite sure how he does it, but there are some techniques floating around that get marginally close.

This is a photo I took last summer while in Anniston redone using said technique.  Obviously this would never fly in the newspaper world, but that really isn’t a concern anymore.



5 responses to “Sipping the Kool-Aide”

  1. adam green Avatar
    adam green

    this is norman rockwell in kodachrome

  2. Dave Avatar

    I’m really not a fan of the “Dave Hill” effect. I see what you’re going for and it works but I just don’t like that style.

  3. Sara Avatar

    what exactly have you done to the photo?

  4. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    Here is the original

  5. Sara Avatar

    I meant, what did you do photoshop-wise? Geesh, I ain’t that stoopid