To All,

Thought I’d make the announcement here about some things.

1) I’ve been accepted as a photographer for Zuma Press, it is a photo agency/wire service based in California but has photographers world wide.  I met the founder at the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar back in December and again in February at the Southern Short Course.  I’m still waiting to hear back about some of the details, but I’m looking forward to working with them.

2) B&H Photo Video called me today about becoming an affiliate of theirs.  If you look on the left column towards the bottom there is now a small ad. for them.  If you are in the market for any type of photographic, video, lighting or audio gear.  If you click trough that banner down there instead of going directly to the site when you place your orderI get a small comission.  So please do that if you are in the market for any gear.

3) Since the advertisement barrier has been busted, I’m also going to install Google AdSense on here just to see what type of revenue it can generate.  I’ve been hitting around 6,000 pageviews a month so I’m hoping whatever I make from the ads can help me pay my webhosting fees now that I’m freelancing primarily.

Thank you all for your continued visitation of my website, I really apprecaite it.

Josh D. Weiss



4 responses to “Changes”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    Congratulations, Josh! That is wonderful news. I truly enjoy your work. The photos always tell a story and are creative to boot: a hard balancing act in news photo-journalism! I think you are definitely going places.

  2. Greg Avatar

    Congrats, sounds like forward momentum is picking up!

  3. Debbie Weiss Avatar
    Debbie Weiss

    Josh, great news about Zuma! When did that all take place?

  4. Adam Sacasa Avatar
    Adam Sacasa

    Congrats man, that’s awesome.