Zinkhan: The Conclusion

Last night I got a call from the AP asking if I could shoot another press conference about George Zinkhan up in Athens at 9 a.m. today.  Instead of waking up early to battle traffic, I decided to head up immediately and spend the night.

Nothing ground breaking was announced at the press conference today.  They said that Tom Tanner, one of George Zinkhan’s victims was specifically targeted while Ben Teague was, “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  They also that that Zinkhan and his wife Marie Bruce were having marriage problems which is more than likely the cause of the shootings.

They also explained how Zinkhan hid himself.  First he dug a 15 to 18 inch hole in the ground and then took a shipping pallet in the woods that he had covered with dirt, leaves, etc. and placed it on top of himself before pulling the trigger.

Overall, the city seems to be pretty relieved that they can put this behind them now and move on with their lives.

The most difficult part of this assignment was finding a different way to shoot what was virtually an identical event to the one I shot just a few days ago.