Venice is Sinking @ Woodruff

This is Venice is Sinking.  They are from Athens, Ga.  They play music.  They played at the Woodruff Arts Center’s Night on the Piazza show tonight.

I know people who have been talking about them for a few years now, but I’d never actually heard their music.  That’s the strange thing though, with the exception of a handful of bands I never heard most of the local music while I was in Athens.  Should make AthFest more interesting next weekend since I’ll be there and plan on finally putting a sound with some of the names I’ve heard for years now.


2 responses to “Venice is Sinking @ Woodruff”

  1. Jan Chester Avatar
    Jan Chester

    Would have loved to have seen and heard them.

  2. Rose b. Avatar
    Rose b.

    Hey these are great!
    I’m the red headed girl that was also there shooting that night that you gave your card to, I don’t have my shots up from that night but they might go up soon!