Georgia Theatre’s Wilmot Greene

This morning I got news that the Georgia Theatre in Athens had undertaken extensive damage on the inside from a fire that started on the second floor.  This occurs a week before AthFest, a festival which will have a new meaning this year.

During my first month as a staff photographer for The Red & Black I was assigned to take this portrait of the Georgia Theatre’s new owner, Wilmot Greene.  He had just completed a fairly large renovation of the second floor area including the bathrooms.  I figured I would post this in honor of the Theatre today.



3 responses to “Georgia Theatre’s Wilmot Greene”

  1. Scott Avatar

    The theater did not burn down! A roof collapsed, sure, but the building is still there!

  2. […] Not sure his source, but my buddy Josh Weiss is acquainted with Greene and says Greene plans to rebuild as outside walls are still existing. […]

  3. Christopher Hunt Avatar

    Please help me get in touch with Wilmot Greene concerning rebuilding his theatre so it is fireproof! I can drive up and meet with Milmot ASAP.
    Plz call 770-457-3300.

    Thank You!
    Christopher Hunt