Decatur Beach Party 2009

Today was the city of Decatur’s annual Beach Party.  They bring in a ton of sand and create a beach in the middle of Ponce de Leon and close off the surrounding streets while vendors peddle their wares and bands play.  Seemed like a nice family event.

Originally I called my friend Tyler Goforth, who works at The Dekalb Neighbor, to see if he wanted to go shoot the event with me.  Turned out he was already going to be going to shoot it for his paper so I met up with him and we went around shooting together.  His stuff will be on his website sometime Monday evening he tells me, after the photos have been published by his paper first (they are a weekly).


7 responses to “Decatur Beach Party 2009”

  1. emily Avatar

    these might be some of my favorite pics of yours – i love pics of little kids playing…and the one with the baby on the older man’s shoulders is adorable!

  2. Broderick Avatar
  3. decaturwineandfooddude Avatar

    Absolutely great shots of another great beach party.

  4. Tricia Dusseault Avatar
    Tricia Dusseault

    Our 12-year-old son Trey volunteered at the Beach Party, had a blast, and will enjoy reviewing these lovely pictures. Thank you –

  5. Ann Berg Avatar
    Ann Berg

    I loved your pictures! They really captured the spirit of the beach party.

  6. Charles Bagley Avatar
    Charles Bagley

    These photographs show why it is so great to be a part of the creation of the beach party.

    See you there next year.

  7. Linda Harris Avatar

    These are great photos – they really capture the spirit of the Beach Party. Thanks for sharing.