Summertime in Athens

Last night I traveled up to Athens, Ga. to attend the Demosthenian Literary Society‘s Summer Meeting.  Every year they have a few and since I hadn’t been to one in two years I figured it was time to venture back and see some friends.  I’ve taken photos on my trips up to there before.

Miles and I got dinner at a new restaurant (for me) called Pauley’s.  The food there was pretty good, crepes and what not.  Afterwords we ran into some of Miles’ friends who are current members and checked out the new expansion of the Tate Student Center before heading up to Herty Field.

The meeting was a lot of fun and after it was over everyone went over to Paul’s to hang out for awhile.


2 responses to “Summertime in Athens”

  1. Frannie Avatar

    Wow, this really makes me miss Athens.

  2. Hannah Avatar

    What a delightful last picture.