AthFest: Madeline Adams

This is the final post of mine from AthFest 2009 (click here to see more photos from AthFest).  I was fortunate enough to catch Madeline Adams once again (click here for more photos of Madeline).  This lady rocks and its always a pleasure to see her.

When you first walk into the venue part of Flicker, there are two things a photographer will notice right away: it is very dark and very red.  But you must persevere, I could have overcome it by using some flash but the tone of the show didn’t lend itself to that so I held back.

Also, I recorded some video of the show for my friends who couldn’t make it (Desiree) due to Flicker being 21+ and as a belated birthday present to my friend Natalie who lives in Anniston, Al. and probably won’t get to catch Madeline live.


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  1. natalie dempsterrrr Avatar
    natalie dempsterrrr

    always wondered what she looked like. verrr cute.