Braves vs. Phillies @ Turner Field

While I was out in Carrollton today shooting something for the DOT I got a text message from my brother asking if I wanted to go to the Braves game against the Phillies down at Turner Field.  I had no other plans so I took him up on the officer, especially since my plans to go to a game last month fell through.

Turner Field has a policy that you can’t have any camera or lens that is longer than 5″ if you aren’t press so I loaded up my 50mm and decided to see what I could make with that.

We also took MARTA so I took some photos while we were on the train and at the station for kicks as well.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been to a Braves game with my camera, I brought it last summer as well (see here).


6 responses to “Braves vs. Phillies @ Turner Field”

  1. Adam Sacasa Avatar

    haha, Lord Dreadd. Wish more people had thought bubbles. Nice set.

  2. Sepiabillo Avatar

    Yo Wes!

    Have a great holiday weekend! Your shots are great. A fresh view that most of us working hacks never get to experience. Love the 50mm and you worked it! Nice light, compo and that tilt shift made me seasick (had to cure that with some whisky). Ok, back to the firepits…I’m in charge of cooking ribs/chickens in two pits…it’s hot too! Call me sometime and we’ll make Kevin turn on his AC and drink swill!


  3. Ted Avatar

    Great photos and a fresh look at Turner Field.

  4. Felipe Avatar

    Nice set. Question regarding Turner Field policy and your experience with the restrictions (5″) – what type of camera do you have? Did you get harrassed at all by the security folk – measurements taken, etc.

    I am wondering if I could snap my 50mm on my T1i and bring in my 24-70 2.8 in a bag.

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

      I have a 5D mII,they didn’t measure my lens. Dunno what they’d do if they found another lens on me though, i only brought a sandwich and drink.

  5. toper@ProjectPublicDomainPictures Avatar

    awesome shots! last time i took my camera (Sony Nex C3) to MARTA, an employee came and told me its not allowed to take pictures within their premises. hopefully they change their policy. i think its an interesting place to take shots of people’s emotions.