4th of July @ Centennial Olympic Park

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, in case you forgot.  This usually indicates a few things.  Beer and cooked meat are plentiful, people will wave flags (usually American) and there will be fireworks.

Last year I was in Anniston for the 4th and shot a few things for the paper (see here).  This year, since I was not tied directly to any newspaper I was able to hang out with friends and enjoy the spectacles for myself.

Tyler had informed me last week that he and some people were going to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta to see a free concert and fireworks.  This sounded alright to me so I traveled down with him, his roommates, and my friend Sam.  MARTA was easy, the park was crowded, and the fireworks were abundant.


4 responses to “4th of July @ Centennial Olympic Park”

  1. mandi Avatar

    i LOVE these. especially the fountain scenes and the close up of the girl with that amazing expression her face.

  2. Ted Avatar

    Awesome photography, the silhouette at the fountain, the candids and the fireworks are amazing. Thanks for sharing your work. I would like to know what lens you were using, thanks.

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

      I usually shoot with three lenses, a wide, a medium and a telephoto so I can get a variety of shots.

  3. Sara Avatar

    Really dig the fourth from the bottom.