Iran Protest @ Lenox Mall

Today there was another Iran protest (see last week’s here), but this one was outside of Lenox Mall which is conveniently not far from where I live.  Brett and I headed over to see what we could get.  Although it was a bit slow to start, something did happen that made this protest very interesting to shoot.

After about an hour or so of the typical side of the street shots, a bus came and picked up everyone to head down to the CNN Center where another protest was going on.  The bus loaded up and the windows were rolled down.  Signs were stuck through and soon enough we were on our way.  The bus headed down Peachtree Street all the way through Midtown until it reached the CNN Center to find that the other protest had already disbanded.  Without so much as a stop, the bus turned around and took I-85 and 400 to head back.

Although the other protest had disbanded, the bus trip was very entertaining and gave me a chance to get a different type of protest photo to send to Zuma.

Note: Photos with full captions were submitted to Zuma Press.


8 responses to “Iran Protest @ Lenox Mall”

  1. Patrick Fallon Avatar

    Hey Josh,
    Nice work! Just twittered @ you on our twitter account, follow us!

  2. patricia Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Great shots…we need bumper magnets or something to make this take hold on an ongoing basis.

  3. hass Avatar

    Most of these people are exiled Monarchists who still support the deposed (and dead) King of Iran. They’re no prodemocracy, they’re pro-Monarchy.

    1. ali parman Avatar

      Hello Mr. Hass, you are gravely mistaken, there was not a single “Monarchist” in our group. How many of the people at this rally did you know to make this statement? Or perhaps you were at the rally and you heard some one speaking of “Monarchism”? No, I don’t think you were there, I don’t think you know anyone who was there. We are 100% PRO DEMOCRACY, PEACE AND FREEDOM. Please, before you go on making reckless statements about people in a public place, at least take the time to understand what or who you’re talking about so you don’t end up making an ass out of yourself in public. Thanks.

      1. Mona Avatar

        Hello Mr. Parman, if you are 100% “PRO DEMOCRACY” and you claim “There was not a single Monarchist”, then you are not 100% PRO DEMOCRACY. PRO DEMOCRACY means people from all groups including republicans, Monarchist, communist, Mojahedin etc. Please go ahead and read the meaning of democracy before you mention it. Democracy does not exclude people or groups. We are all Iranians and should learn to live together.

  4. Ted Avatar

    Great blog, your photography and reporting document the local angle very well, thank you for sharing you work, it is appreciated.

  5. ali parman Avatar

    If you’re intesested in this topic feel free to add us on facebook and the website will be up soon, we are gaining momentum and plan on using every possible resource to bring democracy, peace and freedom to Iran… the facebook is

    and if you like to add me amirali Irani *Atlanta network. =]

  6. negin Avatar

    do you know where i can get the “free iran” bracelet? the one in one of your pics?