Quick trip to Anniston

Last night I was contacted by someone I met through the Anniston Star during Talladega in April.  They needed a ride from the Atlanta airport to Anniston to visit their ailing father and offered to pay me for the ride.  Always looking for a good reason to cross the state line, I accepted and around 7:30 p.m. made my way back towards the land that time forgot.

After I got in I hung out with my friends Dan and Kevin, unfortunately Natalie had an accident and is gimp’d for the next few months so I didn’t get to see her.


3 responses to “Quick trip to Anniston”

  1. Katrina Avatar

    Nice shots! Sorry I couldn’t be there :( Had to take my dinner break by 6:30 so I missed you guys by half an hour, bah!

  2. natalie dempsterrrr Avatar
    natalie dempsterrrr

    sure do wish i could have seen you. hope you enjoyed your mellow mushroom. miss you crazily.

  3. Hillary Avatar

    the second-from-bottom is gorgeous