Harps for Peace

I was hanging out with my friend Trishna today who has been in Korea for the last year.  We made our way down to Decatur and while we were walking around we saw a bunch of people loading up harps into the gazebo.  A bit curious as to what was going on, we decided to sit down and see why there were very suddenly five harps being loaded onto the stage.

After a few minutes, a sign was put out saying that there would be a performance as part of the Harps for Peace hour which was apparently taking place across the country simultaneously.  I took some photos and then we made our way out.



2 responses to “Harps for Peace”

  1. Kelly Lambert Avatar

    loverly harp pics. Also that wasted reeses cup is a tragedy.

  2. Imelda Murphy Avatar
    Imelda Murphy

    Beautiful photographs. we had five harpists play in Greeley park, Nashua, New Hampshire for the Peace Hour. Beautiful day. Your photographs are beautiful