Iran Solidarity Protest

Shot my fourth Iran protest today over at Lenox Square Mall at the intersection of Lenox Road and Peachtree Street.  I think I mentioned this last time (see my past few attempts here), but after shooting so many it becomes a challenge to find some new way to show the same thing I’ve done before.

I decided to focus on details and the younger generation today who probably doesn’t totally understand why they are even there.  I think it worked pretty well, or at least I hope it did.


8 responses to “Iran Solidarity Protest”

  1. Kelly Lambert Avatar

    you can never have too many peace signs.

    1. Hassan Avatar

      Those aren’t peace signs they are victory signs. :D jk

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  3. ProudPersian Avatar

    Very cute!! I love how you captured the young generation. After all, 2/3rds of Iran’s population is under 30 and this is very significant because the voice of the youth has been very strong.

  4. Hassan Avatar

    Great stuff Josh. I love that picture of Hassan. He seems like a strapping fellow. :)

  5. aliparman Avatar

    I agree with Hassan, they were VICTORY signs!!!
    Man I bet Lenox and Peachtree has never seen so much noise…
    Iranian Hippies who woulda thunk it?

  6. aliparman Avatar

    As always great job Josh, and yes I think you caught the youngest generations very well actually…
    It’s interesting because when I was that age… the 1979 Revolution was happening, the Islamic Revolution… I was 2 years old… and now I see children witnessing a new revolution just at I did…amazing, will our children also see another revolution in 30 years?
    I hope they won’t have to.

  7. Amy Pursifull Avatar
    Amy Pursifull

    Thanks for posting these pictures! They are wonderful! I think its great you got my hair! Red for courage and fight!!