Yesterday I saw a note from my friend Conor letting me know there was gonna be a show at ICANFLYII down near East Atlanta.  I’d never been there before and also wanted to see Conor’s band, Fox Trotsky, which I hadn’t seen in about 5 years so I decided to head down after getting Lyndsey to come as well.

The venue is small, but it reminds me of most other small house punk venues I’ve seen over the years.

Unfortunately, Lyndsey had to leave by midnight so I wasn’t able to stay for Fox Trotsky.  Maybe next time.



2 responses to “Show @ ICANFLYII”

  1. Sara Guevara Avatar

    nice effect on the second to last photo

  2. Kelly Lambert Avatar

    totally agreed sara. the blur radiates from his mouth like it is the song itself. Also the first one is just funny.