Georgia Tech Fall Practice

Today I went down to Georgia Tech’s campus to take photos of their practice for The Telegraph in Macon.  I don’t know nearly as much about Georgia Tech football as UGA football, so I’m not going to pretend to.

Something of note is that while I was down there I ran into Johnny Crawford of the AJC.  I sat in on a class he taught at UGA my final semester there and we’ve run into each other a number of times since then.

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took.  Same deal as yesterday (see here) where I was given a list of people to shoot so the photos are pretty straight forward.


090805_JDW_GTech_0001 090805_JDW_GTech_0002

090805_JDW_GTech_0003 090805_JDW_GTech_0004

090805_JDW_GTech_0005 090805_JDW_GTech_0006



One thought on “Georgia Tech Fall Practice

  1. Yeah, I noticed that sign too (I shot practice Tuesday). I figured, hey I’m above the law and shot anyway. I think the sign is for the public, of which we are not!

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