Hank Johnson: Health care Town Hall

Warning: This is not a political blog, this is not a place to discuss the health care debate.  However, if you have commentary about the photos or the event itself last night, you are more than welcome to comment.  Comments that do not abide will be deleted non-discriminantly.

Last night Matt and I went to the Health Care Town Hall being held by Rep. Hank Johnson over at the Clarkston Georgia Perimeter Campus.  With all the talk in the news lately about the disruptions going on at these events, I figured I should head out in the event something happened so I could send it to Zuma.

Tons of people showed up, easily more than 1,000 total.  There were so many, infact, that they had to do overflow in the gym since not everyone could fit in Coleman Auditorium.

I’m not sure if this affected what could have happened, but the event was definitely very subdued compared to ones I’ve seen on the news.  People applauded and booed of course, but no one was a disturbance.  Signs weren’t allowed in the venue, and there were at least 15 police officers present to eject people who did not abide by the rules.

As a side note, I still don’t understand why some people are so eager to be seen in public holding signs, but so reluctant to give you their name.  If you don’t want people to see you involved with someone, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.







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11 thoughts on “Hank Johnson: Health care Town Hall

  1. Thanks for this!! Saw the link on Rachel Maddow page. I’m so glad DeKalb county managed to have a reasonable town hall!

  2. The man with the baby told his story about how his wife’s doctor recommended that she and the baby stay in the hospital an extra day after her C-section but her insurance company wouldn’t cover the extra day. The man was showing his baby as an example of rationing health care.

    Great Pictures!

  3. Good work on the photos. Point of correction for your intro, the venue is Cole Auditorium, named for former college President, Marvin Cole.

    Your site is the 2nd link on google when you search “Hank Johnson Town Hall August 2009”

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