LGBT Vigil

I was reading one of Creative Loafing’s blogs this morning and they talked about a candle light vigil tonight going on at a near bye church in remembrance of two Israeli’s who were shot and killed at a LGBT safe house in Israel not too long ago.

Since it wasn’t too far from where I live, I decided to go check it out.


3 responses to “LGBT Vigil”

  1. emily Avatar

    whoda thunk it – i know a couple of those people :)

  2. Ari Avatar

    your technique is very skillful… your sense of depth is awesome… its amazing how you some of us (americans) are so unaware of hatred, racism, discrimination, poverty, etc, that is going on because it doesn’t directly effect us.. but then there are a few like you Josh that is very willfully informed, making others aware as well. Cheers to you.

  3. Rebecca Stapel-Wax Avatar

    These are just exquisite. I think you said it would be ok to pass them onto media outlets and our website ensuring you are recognized. OK? Thanks so much! Rebecca