Lyndsey’s Birthday – Stormy Weather

Today was Lyndsey’s birthday, so a bunch of people went with her to dinner at Bangkok Thyme in Sandy Springs before coming back to Brett and I’s place and ultimately ending up at MJQ.

As we got back to our apartment, a storm started moving in so there was a lot of lightning over downtown but not as much as a drizzle where we were.  Thus, photos.


8 responses to “Lyndsey’s Birthday – Stormy Weather”

  1. Debbie Weiss Avatar
    Debbie Weiss

    Josh, these are fantastic!

  2. Mayra Avatar

    My favorite! Perfect timing.

  3. J. Avatar

    These photographs demonstrate your craft for remarkable photography embelished by your skilful use of natural forces. These shots are great!

  4. Suber Avatar

    Josh, I enjoy keeping up with your photos. Great.

  5. Jeevan Avatar

    Dude these are awesome.

  6. Randy Barnes Avatar

    Ive never thought about it but the lightning is exactly the same form as the tiniest blood vessels/veins running around inside of us. This looks like some newfangled magigramography view of God’s gizzard.

  7. Anna Avatar

    Josh, each batch of photos just blows me away. Your talent is ridiculous. (Also, storm pictures are one of my favorite things.)

  8. Stephen Allen Avatar
    Stephen Allen

    Josh, I love the lightning photography. It is incredibly beautiful! The timing is perfect and they just look amazing! Good job!