Jenny Malkiel

This is Jenny.  Jenny interned at the Gwinnett Daily Post while I was still working there and we’ve kept in touch.  Over the summer she asked me to take her senior portraits for her and I said I would pending my schedule.

Well, we finally were able to work out a time that worked for us both so on Monday we went down to the abandoned water treatment plant in Decatur. She requested the location after seeing a photo I took of my friend Bill when he first showed it to me (see here).

Brett also came to serve as my photo assistant, which this time mostly meant helping me carrying the lighting gear.  So thanks go out to him for helping me out.



2 responses to “Jenny Malkiel”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Josh!!! I love it! But you didn’t put out my favorite one! =/

  2. Dave Kell Avatar

    Nice shots of a pretty lady at one of my favorite historic locations near Decatur.