US Presswire

A few weeks ago my friend Pouya Dianat suggested I apply to US Presswire after I voiced my dissatisfaction with my prior agency.  He got me the e-mail address of the person in charge and a few days later I had my portfolio submitted.

Well, today I finally heard back and the news was good.  This excites me a great deal because I have a lot of respect for their current crop of photographers which includes Dale Zanine, Paul Abell and Kevin Liles in Atlanta and Mark Rebilas nationally.  I don’t consider myself to be of the same calibre as them, but I’m pretty stoked to be able to work with them if US Presswire thinks I am.

Anyways, here is part of the portfolio I submitted.  This was the “best of” section.  These photos are all either copyright me, the Gwinnett Daily Post, The Anniston Star or Georgia Tech.

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