Wedding: Gwen and Henry Goodman

This past weekend I shot the wedding of Gwen Foster and Henry Goodman Jr.  I met Gwen back in April while on a shoot with my high school photography teacher Neda Abghari (see here).  Gwen dropped me a line afterwards because they were looking for a photographer on a tight budget and they knew I hadn’t shot a wedding before, so it made for a perfect combination.

The wedding was held at The Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead, where Gwen works, and was very very nice.  The couple were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.  I wish them the best of luck with their marriage.


2 responses to “Wedding: Gwen and Henry Goodman”

  1. Zmurfu Avatar

    Very nice shots, I really like them. I also like that you took some candids and those are just as good as the rest. Well done.

  2. natalie dempster Avatar
    natalie dempster

    wonderful. youd still better be shooting my wedding…even if i end up marrying myself.