Golf: PGA Tour Championship, Final Round

Sunday was the final day of the PGA Tour Championship down at the East Lake Golf Club in Decatur.  I didn’t have to shoot the third round on Saturday because I was shooting the UNC-GT game (see here).

The day went a lot better for me I think, for one Kevin Liles served as an editor for Scott Miller and I so we didn’t have to worry about editing our stuff for the wire.  We’d give him our cards and could go out and keep shooting.  It was nice, but strange since I’m so used to editing all my own photos.  I actually went back and reedited my stuff for my personal use since a) I guess I’m a control freak and b) He didn’t give me copies of the edited files

Anyways, the day started when Kevin asked me to go shoot some prep photos so we could get something up on the site to at least let people/clients know we were out there ready to shoot, so I’ve included those as well.

Like I described in this post, the first nine holes I spent getting tee shots then I got to follow the leader for the back nine and actually try to make some art.

All that said and done, it’s been a long weekend between the 3 days of golf and 2 football games, so I’ll end this post where it should… with the photos.


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  1. […] I noticed an improvement over the first round (see here). However, there was an even bigger improvement between how I shot Friday and how I shot on Sunday for the final round (see here). […]

  2. Sharon Avatar

    These golf shots were really great! I particularly love the stormy clouds and the water shot. Guess you got the chance to see Tiger up close. Congratulations on getting this assignment.