Fox Trotsky and From the Bassment

Back in high school I became friends, through my friend Scott, with the members of a band named Who Am I?  They broke up and some of the members went on to form Fox Trotsky (Conor Quinn, Mason Turner and Gus Fernandez).  They are still around today, kind of, since they announced that this would be their second to last show ever after nearly 7 years of playing together.

The show was at 529 last night in East Atlanta Village.  The light was terrible, and anyone who has ever tried taking a photo of a jumbotron will know why.  The venue was lit with LED’s that flicker at a really high frequency.  If your shutter speed is too high you risk shooting at a time between flickers and getting nothing.  Well that was the case last night, it took me awhile to figure out how to balance the ambient without overpowering by using a strobe but I finally got it.  Sometimes its not bad to just nuke the ambient, but the flicker was doing something cool this time.  You’ll notice it in a few of the shots, mostly with the drummer though.