Breast Wedding Ever

Earlier in the week I got a call from the Athens Banner-Herald asking me to shoot the wedding of a couple who would be getting married after they completed the Susan G. Koman 3-Day Breast Cancer walk.  The walk, which is sixty miles starting in Buford, Ga. and ending in Atlanta, drew about 2,000 people this year.

My job was to find the couple, get photos of them pre-wedding and of the ceremony itself.  Thankfully I was provided phone numbers so it was a relatively painless task.  I met up with Bill Caputi and Carol Bitner over at the Holiday Inn that was down the road from the finish line at Turner Field.  They had actually already crossed the line, but decided they wanted to grab some food and drink.

Anyways, I hung out with them at the hotel then made my way back to the stadium where they met up with family and friends prior to their ceremony.  Then finally got the ceremony itself.  It wasn’t anything fancy, and I think they liked it that way.


5 responses to “Breast Wedding Ever”

  1. Debbie Weiss Avatar
    Debbie Weiss

    What a great story. You really captured the emotions of the event, Josh. Good job!

  2. Mandi Avatar

    I love this!

  3. Ted Avatar

    Great photos Josh, fantastic reporting. Your photos captured the moment and the event.

  4. Ruthy Avatar

    Amazing story and such beautiful pictures. Makes me feel like I was there. Great work!

  5. Cindy Hutchins Avatar
    Cindy Hutchins

    I was part of the Day Walk and saw Bill and Carol during the walk! What a great story. All 3 Day participants cheered for them when we were in the holding area prior to the closing ceremony – the band played “I Want to Hold Your Hand” while they had their first dance for us! They had held hands for 60 miles!