Football: Woodstock vs. Cherokee

Got sent up to Canton by the AJC on Friday to shoot the game between Woodstock and Cherokee.  It was a bit of deja vu, I think I taped a football game there back when I was a freshman in high school for my electronic media class.  I have no way of checking so I’ll never know if I’d actually been there before or not.

The rain held off in Canton thankfully, but I can’t say the same for Atlanta.  On my way home I skidded into a median when I was getting off of 75 and damaged my car.  Kind of a bummer, but this coming Friday is the last game of the regular season.  I don’t know if the AJC will want me to shoot any more games for them this year, so next week’s game could be my last high school football game of the season.


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  1. Ted Avatar

    Fantastic shots Josh, incredible detail.