Football: Peachtree Ridge vs. North Gwinnett

This past Friday I shot the final game of the regular season between Peachtree Ridge and North Gwinnett High School.  Both teams were undefeated in their region 7AAAAA, so the game was actually a championship of sorts.  North Gwinnett won the game to claim their first regional title, but both teams will go to the state playoffs.

I felt like I shot pretty well, although I accidentally knocked my shutter speed up too high a few times at inopportune moments.  I would have noticed faster if I didn’t normally just leave my shutter speed at 1/500 of a second and forget it.

Another item of note is that the game has the unofficial title as “The Battle of Suwanee,” since both schools are located within the city limits.  However, North Gwinnett is closer to downtown Suwanee than Peachtree Ridge is.


One response to “Football: Peachtree Ridge vs. North Gwinnett”

  1. Mike Daly Avatar

    The shot of North Gwinnett running through their banner is fanstastic. Great timing. Mike