Flashback: 1,000th Post and a look back

Well here we are.  Two years, eight months and nine days ago (or 985 days ago) I started this photoblog/website and we have now hit the 1,000 entry as of this post.  When I first started this site I really didn’t know what would become of it, how often I’d update or if I’d even make photos that were worth sharing.

Ultimately, it’s all worked out.  The site has gone through several different looks and evolved in functionality a number of ways, but the main purpose has gone unchanged.  That being, show my most recent work for the purpose of forcing myself to look at what I’m producing and see how I can make it better.  Simply put, put my photos out in the open so that even if my photos aren’t running in a paper, people will see them and I will in turn want to impress them.

Anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed looking at my photos as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them.  Hopefully this site will continue to push me into the future.

For this post, I’ve decided to repost some photos from the first few months that were originally posted far too small for a photoblog.  All the photos below were taken between March 2007 and May 2007.  None of these were shot for the Red & Black and were thus not included in my best of Red & Black post (see here).

From the yearly fair that comes to Athens and sets up outside the Georgia Square Mall.


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