Football: Georgia Tech vs. Duke

Tuesday night I got an e-mail from US Presswire asking me if I could head up to Durham for Georgia Tech’s game against Duke.  Well, not remembering that I still had high school football for the AJC on Friday night, I said yes.  So, Friday night around 11 p.m. I took off for North Carolina  to make sure I made the noon kick off.  6 hours, a bunch of random blood on my car (I really have no idea what happened), and 30 minutes of sleep later I shot the game at Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium.

The venue was by far the smallest stadium I’ve ever been in, at only 33,000 or so seats so it made an interesting game day experience.


One response to “Football: Georgia Tech vs. Duke”

  1. Ted Avatar

    Awesome photos as always. What was your metadata for these photos? All great captures.