Basketball: Florida State vs. Georgia State

This morning I kicked off my basketball season by shooting the Florida State vs. Georgia State NCAA women’s basketball game in Atlanta. First off, Georgia State has quite possibly the nicest high school basketball arena ever, and I say that in all seriousness.

Second, I was a bit rusty since I haven’t shot basketball since March.  It took me the entire first half to get readjusted, being able to look at my shoot at halftime while I filed definitely helped me figure out what adjustments I needed to make.

091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0003 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0004
(L) Florida State: Alysha Harvin (2)
(L) Georgia State:Traci Haltiwanger (22)

(R) Florida State: Jacinta Monroe (50)
(R) Georgia State: Danyiell McKeller (42)

091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0001 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0002
(L) Florida State: Head Coach Sue Semrau
091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0005 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0006
(L) Florida State: Christian Hunnicut (5)(R) Florida State: Angel Gay (1)
091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0007 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0008
(L) Georgia State: Crystal Johnson (23)
(R) Florida State: Angel Gray (1)
(R) Georgia State: Angelique Burtts (2)
091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0011 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0017
(L) Florida State: Cierra Bravard (54)
(L) Georgia State: Danyiell McKeller (42)(R) Florida State: Courtney Ward (12)
(R) Georgia State: Brittany Graham (10)
Florida State: Jacinta Monroe
091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0012 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0013
(L) Florida State: Jacinta Monroe (50)
(L) Georgia State: Brittany Graham (10)
091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0014 091122_JDW_FSUGSU_0016
(R) Florida State: Chastity Clayton (00)
(R) Georgia State: Chan Harris (12)
Florida State: Cierra Bravard (54)