Brook Run

On Tuesday I pulled a shift for the AJC and they had me go out and find a stand alone before heading to my other assignment.  Without much direction as to what they were looking for or what region of the region I should shoot in, I head up towards the park at Brook Run in Dunwoody because there was a skate park there I wanted to check out for awhile.  I was hoping that there’d be alot of people there, but it was deserted.  Luckily, there was a small playground area right near there and some families were occupying it.


3 responses to “Brook Run”

  1. Nathan Avatar

    thanks for the pics, we will definetly keep you in min for weding time.

  2. Jerome J. Weiss Avatar
    Jerome J. Weiss

    Would you please explain what stand alone means?

  3. Gerry & Dottie Sullivan Avatar
    Gerry & Dottie Sullivan

    What beautiful children!
    The boy with the bubble gun is very photogenic.
    Should keep him in mind for future photo shoots.

    Dottie & Gerry Sullivan