Brook Run

On Tuesday I pulled a shift for the AJC and they had me go out and find a stand alone before heading to my other assignment.  Without much direction as to what they were looking for or what region of the region I should shoot in, I head up towards the park at Brook Run in Dunwoody because there was a skate park there I wanted to check out for awhile.  I was hoping that there’d be alot of people there, but it was deserted.  Luckily, there was a small playground area right near there and some families were occupying it.




091201_JDW_BrookRun_0008 091201_JDW_BrookRun_0019

3 thoughts on “Brook Run

  1. What beautiful children!
    The boy with the bubble gun is very photogenic.
    Should keep him in mind for future photo shoots.

    Dottie & Gerry Sullivan

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