Football: Gainesville vs. Peach County

The second game I shot on Saturday for The Telegraph was between Gainesville High School and Peach County High School.  The game ended up being surprisingly close. After Peach County scored the go ahead touchdown with around a minute or less on the clock, Gainesville drove down the field and scored a touchdown of their own as time expired.

The kids on the Peach County sideline who were all smiles just seconds earlier looked aghast as it looked like the game would go into overtime.  Well, it should have gone into overtime. The problem was that the Gainesville coach called for a 2-point conversion to win the game.  I guess you could argue that because the Gainesville place kicker missed a kick earlier he had more faith in his offense which had just steam rolled the Peach County defense, but it didn’t pay off.  The pass was tipped and Peach county won by one point.

Would have been a great play call if they converted and won, but now it just looks stupid.  Lesson?  Give the kicker a chance and send the game to overtime.

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3 responses to “Football: Gainesville vs. Peach County”

  1. Sara Guevara Avatar

    Wrong you are, Joshikins.

    I was actually reaching into my bag to pull out a video camera.

  2. tinman Avatar

    Very nice shots. Gainesville did right thing going for 2…. Peach was in control whole game. Great play call at end on the quick slant but #28 for PC jumped the route perfectly. Great players beat great calls.

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