Snow in Atlanta, again

Brett and I went to a nearby park in Atlanta and took some photos of kids playing in the snow.  I didn’t want to go out yesterday with my gear, because a) now that I didn’t work at a newspaper I didn’t have to and b) it was nice not having to worry about my gear getting soaked.

As I thought, the snow hung around over night and people were out playing today so I was able to get better light than people who shot yesterday and I didn’t put my gear at risk.  Win win!


2 responses to “Snow in Atlanta, again”

  1. Bob Guinn Avatar
    Bob Guinn


    I am the grandfather of the blond kid, Evan, in the red sled. thanks for the photos…great shots! I have e-mailed a copy to his mother in Ackworth. We were taking care of Evan on Thurs and Fri and he got “trapped” here by the snow. Needless to say he loved it. He got all of the attention and didn’t have to share with his brother Finley.

  2. Kara Ross Avatar
    Kara Ross

    I own the blonde kid on the red sled :)– What a treat to see the photos especially since I wasn’t there to watch him have fun in the snow. Thanks for capturing these memories of my son and my dad playing the the Georgia snow! All the best — Kara Ross