All Night Meeting: Upstairs

Went up to Athens this weekend for my old debate society’s 207th anniversary.  Demosthenian was founded in 1803 and I’ve shot them randomly and regularly for the past few years while I’ve developed as a photographer (see previous coverage of Demosthenian events by clicking here).

Anyways, every year since 2007 I’ve taken whatever new gear I’ve accumulated over the past year and try to figure out how to best deploy it in what is a nasty (light wise) place to shoot.  The upper chamber is dark and normally you’d have to shoot at ISO 3200 at nothing slower than f/2.8 if you want to make a picture.

Well, this time I had studio lights.  So, with permission, I set the lights up in the back of the room before the meeting started and triggered them via remote.  It worked perfectly and as a result, some of the cleanest looking photos I’ve ever seen come out of the upper chamber.

Also, I shot about 700 frames, so there are a lot of photos that I have that I didn’t post.  If you were there and think I may have shot you, send me an e-mail at And we’ll figure out if I got you or not.


2 responses to “All Night Meeting: Upstairs”

  1. Nikita Richardson Avatar
    Nikita Richardson

    These pictures are beautiful Josh!! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Elizabeth Motes McDonald Avatar
    Elizabeth Motes McDonald

    As always, your photos are great! You really have a talent for expressing the truth through your photography and capturing everyone in their most candid moments.

    Demosthenian is so very fortunate to have you as an Alum. May God richly bless you!

    Elizabeth Motes McDonald, Demosthenian Alum, Class of 1980