Spot News: Missing Boater

Last weekend I was pulling a shift for the AJC, about two hours before my first assignment I got a call from the news desk asking me if I was able to get up to Johns Creek/Duluth to get some photos of a search for a missing boater on the Chattahoochee River.  With that, I busted ass to get up there as quick as I could, because with spot news you never know how long it will last and it was a 30 minute drive up there.

When I arrived, the search was still active so I pulled out my 400 f/2.8 for one of my bodies and shot what I could because usually with spot news, the action is fairly far away.  Because the area we could shoot from was on the bridge, it wasn’t too bad but it was still nice to have the extra reach.

Unfortunately, they never found the guy and I believe he is presumed dead at this point (a week later).  My thoughts go to his family.





One thought on “Spot News: Missing Boater

  1. The boater wasn’t wearing a life jacket, right? We lose eight, ten boaters a year up here in Vermont and the news articles always seem to end with “Neither party was wearing a life jacket”.

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