2010 Dogwood Festival

Friday was my first of a two-day stint for the AJC.  The first of my assignments was to cover the setup at the annual Dogwood Festival held at Piedmont Park. However, by the time my assignment was scheduled for, everything had already been setup, so I transitioned to general feature photos from the festival.

I’d somehow never been to a Dogwood Festival before despite living in or around Atlanta most of my life.  I took it as an opportunity to walk around the entire festival grounds searching for photos with the mentality, “What is this about?  Why is this different from other arts festivals?”  Honestly, it’s not too different from other arts festivals I’ve been to, however the location is what made it so I tried to incorporate elements of the city when I could to show that.

I love Piedmont park, for the record for that reason.  You’ve have this beautiful green-space in the middle of a city.  It’s fantastic.