Where’s the Traffic?

My final assignment for the AJC this past weekend was to document traffic conditions in the downtown area near Philips Arena and Five Points.  The thought that between the Hawks playoff game and Freaknik, there would be a lot of congestion.  Well, that wasn’t the case, or at least in my experience with Atlanta traffic.

The game started at 5:30 so I was in place downtown by 4, there wasn’t any traffic so I walked around a bit.  5 p.m. and still no traffic, 6, still nothing.  My general thought was that people were worried there would be a lot so they stayed home or took MARTA instead.  Freaknik as a whole was apparently a no-show which I’m sure contributed.  Overall though, it felt like there was the same amount of traffic, or less than, than normal.  The editors had me go over and get people going into the game just in case sports needed it.  Sometimes no news is good news.