News: Westboro Baptist Church visits Grady High School in Atlanta

A week or two ago I heard the Westboro Baptist church was coming back into town.  You know who they are, they go to random places and hold signs that say “God Hates Fags” or something else along those lines.  For whatever reason, they picked Grady High School as an appropriate place to protest.  Problem is, Grady is in Midtown.

A large contingent of Grady students organized a counter-protest where they took donations for AID Atlanta, I believe the plan was to donate the money in the WBC’s name.  Anyways, there were only about five Westboro people there, maybe six, but two of them were children.  I’d guess over 300 counter-protesters showed up (Creative Loafing is saying there were over 600).

For most of it, the WBC people had their own corner of the intersection, but after about an hour and 15 minutes some people in the crowd decided to get up close to the WBC people.  Right around then the WBC decided it was time to leave and received a police escort.  The mass of people crossed over 10th street and watched the WBC members take off, at which point they cheered, a lot.


4 responses to “News: Westboro Baptist Church visits Grady High School in Atlanta”

  1. Hassan Arshad Avatar

    Great images Josh, I particularly love the “Fagz are awesome” sign. It made me laugh.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lou Avatar

    I’m a friend of Maigh H.’s and she posted the link to your pics. Awesome, awesome captures!

  3. Ashley Avatar

    I love these, you did a wonderful job. :-)

  4. brianna stewart Avatar
    brianna stewart

    I LOVE GRADY HIGH SCHOOL, IM proud to say thats my school,we finallyh came together an did something for ourselves and our community,Grady is so awesome AN im a proud lesiban and happy to say it.