Wedding: Steven and Margo

This past Thursday I was given the opportunity to shoot my friends’ Steven and Margo’s wedding in Athens, Ga. at the Georgia Botanical Garden.  Everything about it seemed perfect, until the rain started and it knocked the power out with about 2 hours to go before the ceremony.  I give Margo a lot of credit for not freaking out and to Deborah Yates, the makeup artist, for improvising a way to finish her job sans electricity.  Due to the circumstances, the reception changed venues from the Day Chapel at the Garden, where the ceremony was, to Trumps Catering’s official branch off of Milledge Avenue.  Everything came together though and it was a wonderful evening and I wish the best of luck to Steven and Margo.

That said, there is always something special about shooting a friend’s wedding.  Steven and Margo were both members of Demosthenian with me, both actually started attending while I was President but they were already dating at that point.  Regardless, Steven ended up living with me for a summer later on, but my first memory of him was actually at a UGA Football game against Tennessee.  I knew Margo, but I didn’t really know Steven yet at that point, and I just remember wanting to punch him in the face for humming Rocky Top over and over again.  Thankfully, that little story aside, Steven’s been nothing but a class act the rest of the time I’ve known him and I’m glad I got to be there on his and Margo’s special day.

As a final note, I’d like to thank my friend Bill Richards for assisting me all day.  His help kept me on track throughout the day and was much appreciated.


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